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      AG亚游集团Construction in plastic co., LTD2001Years11Month,In dezhou, shandong province economic development zone,In accordance with the tight104The national highway line,The company has investments in recent years5More than hundred million yuan to introduce two of the world's most advancedBOPPFilm and polypropylene synthetic paper production line,Two full set of production line all by German bruckner kangpu company imports machinery company and Germany,Form a complete set of equipment from Japan, respectively、Germany and other countries introduced,Equipment all adopt the large-scale programmable computer control,Through the central control room control the whole production process。Annual output of two-way stretch polypropylene film、Pp synthetic paper5Ten thousand tons,The annual output more than eight。
      Two-way stretch polypropylene filmBOPPThin film,Is a kind of excellent performance of new packaging materials,Belong to high-tech products,With light、Non-toxic、Odourless、Moisture proof、High mechanical strength、Good dimensional stability、Use range、The advantages of good printing performance,There is“Packing the queen”The laudatory name;Widely used in candy、Food、The tea、Cigarettes、Drugs、Daily light industrial products packaging and printing industry、Adhesive tape paper matrix、Plastic woven bag of compound and so on,Company main products are woven composite membrane、Plating aluminum film、Ordinary light membrane and paper-plastic composite membrane, etc.。
      The company since its establishment,In order to“Set enterprisesAG亚游集团、Gen plastic products”For the enterprise core value concept,Constant pursuit of innovation、The pursuit of excellence。In order to“In the lead、Efficient、High quality”Is the management idea,Improve the production efficiency,Reduce the cost,Stable product quality,Is well received by the user。  The company has evaluated“Shandong province high and new technology enterprise”、“Credit contract enterprise in shandong province”、“Environmental protection advanced enterprise in shandong province”、“Packaging industry management demonstration enterprise in shandong province”、“Dezhou city top 50 enterprises”And so on。
      AG亚游集团The company will the results as a new starting line,Adhere to independent innovation、Scientific development,Market-oriented to quality as the center,TheAG亚游集团Brand bigger and stronger,To makeAG亚游集团The company become the most competitive domestic film manufacturing enterprises。

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